Helping Build Our Nation's Roads with America's Natural Gas

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Blue Roads Solutions LNG systems provide customers with a safe, reliable and cost-effective alternative to RFO, propane, and diesel:

  1. LNG Supply
    - Consistent, predictable, and transparent pricing
    - Redundant supply sources to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply


  2. Logistics & Distribution
    - Safe, reliable and cost-effective

  3. On-Site Infrastructure Design, Implementation & Service
    - Reduced maintenance cost, downtime, and extended plant & equipment life
    - Local field technicians for troubleshooting and on-site technical support
    - Little to no capital required from the customer


  4. Remote Monitoring & System Control Management
    - Latest telemetry and remote monitoring technology
    - Real-time operability
    - Up to the minute data including pressure, temperature and flow rates
    - Combustion analytics